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Specialist seating – new partnership with Consolor

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Consolor and Millbrook Seating Division are pleased to announce a new partnership, bringing together their expertise, resources and capacity to create the UK’s leading Specialist Seating Provider. Continuing to trade as Consolor, executive directors, Kieran Cheer and Simon Keeling, who formed Consolor in 2006, will continue to lead the expanded Consolor.

The new Consolor team will operate from a market leading special seating manufacturing facility in Totton, Southampton.

Phillip Campling, Millbrook Healthcare’s Managing Director, commented, “Providing the highest level of support to our joint customers and clinicians across the UK is of the upmost importance, the enlarged Consolor not only ensures that we are able to do this, but that they can also continue to innovate and develop products and services in response to customers’ needs.”

Kieran Cheer, Director, Consolor commented, “Consolor has always been passionately committed to providing the most effective seating and mobility solutions to its customers and clients, whilst priding ourselves on producing the highest quality products and innovations. This exciting new partnership will enable Consolor Ltd to push further ahead with the development of new products and services to benefit our existing, new and future customers.”

For further enquiries, please contact Simon Keeling at simon@consolor.co.uk