I work as a driver technician at Millbrook Healthcare.  I deliver and install healthcare equipment for people where I live.

It sounds cheesy, but every day I see the difference I make to people’s lives.  Everyone is so grateful as you’re helping them live independently in their own homes.  It’s the best thing about working here.

I make about 15 calls a day, delivering mobility equipment ranging from walking frames up to specialist beds.  I’m also trained to install and fit minor bits of work, like handrails, so there’s a bit of variety.

You won’t feel under pressure like other delivery jobs – but we’ll keep you busy.  You’re paid for the hours worked and will normally finish before 4.30pm.  Sometimes, there are emergency deliveries, which you are paid overtime for and can do on the way home.

I share the on-call duties with the other driver techs on a rota.  This means that some evenings or weekends I may be called out for urgent deliveries.  But, it’s not very common and you’re paid for being on call, so it’s a nice way to earn a bit more.

Compared with my last job, I get more holidays and a better pension.  And more pay!  It’s a good laugh at the service centre as well.

I hope I’ve helped show what it’s like to work here – hopefully I’ll see you soon!