Although I had an engineering background, I hadn’t worked with wheelchairs before.  I’m glad I applied for the workshop engineer job anyway.  I didn’t realise how rewarding and interesting it would be.

The team here is a fun and dedicated one, where we all do our best for wheelchair users.  It’s a fantastic environment to be in.

I prepare, modify and repair wheelchairs in the service centre.  We work to clinicians’ notes to ensure that each wheelchair is best suited to the user’s needs.

Sometimes I may accompany clinicians in their assessments with users in the service centre.  Then I can adapt wheelchairs straightaway, getting instant feedback.

Users are always grateful for your efforts.  It means a lot when you see how much your work is appreciated.

Millbrook has been great for my career too.  I’ve had training in niche products, user wellbeing checks and clinical seating.

All that’s left for me to say is good luck with your application!